About the work:
EC Davies is a site specific video installation artist, working with sewn objects, prints and moving image. She uses quotes, fortune cookie text, song lyrics and film references as starting points for her work and ‘actions’. Audience participation is integral to content and production as she records balaclava clad ‘others’ including herself performing simple acts. 

The element of play is mirrored with the use of love heart decorated balaclavas that participants wear inviting them to take part anonymously. Each performer can interpret and act on instructions on an individual level, the results of which are recorded and become part of a collective, cyclic creative process that takes unplanned and exciting turns.

Davies’ live works provide platforms where a literal and metaphorical exchange takes place between the artist as an individual and the audience as a whole. She has worked with over 800 audience members over the last four years at events in Newcastle upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, Durham, Berlin and London. The line between artist, individual and collective is blurred through Davies’ use of objects, which she gifts to participants as ‘actions’ evolve. Objects include hand made items such as love heart decorated balaclavas and fabric dolls and mass produced items such as postcards and numbered key fobs.

Davies’ obsession with pattern, rhythm and transformation is evident in her multi-screen video and animation works dating back to 2001. This immersion in cutting up, repetition, reassembling and process is a continuous underlying theme in her work.

The rhythm of the work is equal to the idea of the whole. Rhythm is the thing that informs ideas, that which runs through the whole: sense = principle, from which each individual work first gets its meaning. Rhythm is not definite, regular succession in time of space, but the unity binding all parts into a whole.
Hans Richter (1971)