Sharing passions: 'THE EARTH WITHOUT ART IS JUST, EH' (Earthizen, Public Enemy, Chuck D, DJ Lord, Gary-G-WIZ)
This event/workshop took place at Platform-A on November 7th 2015.
Members of the Middlesbrough Town Hall Community Choir and the Methodist Asylum Project Choir (MAP) were invited to the gallery for tea and cakes and an informal chat about the research project. People made absurd poems from cut up lines of selected song lyrics and were also recorded reading words from Davies' silent karaoke animation. Guests read from the same two minute animation that contained 7 individual lines taken from songs collected during the first stage of the research project. The animation displayed the lyrics one word at a time and Davies is collecting the spoken voices for future audio works. 

Platform-A, Middlesbrough, 7th November 2015, photos by Jo Strachan