Newcastle upon Tyne 04/2013

Davies produced a series of events during her exhibition 'A stitch in time' at Vane in Newcastle upon Tyne, where over 400 visitors to the space took part. On 20th April and 4th May (2013), people were invited to choose a message from a series of seven: 'Love me', 'Hate me', 'See me', 'Hear me', 'Want me', 'Need me' and 'Miss me'. They chalked their message on black card and were photographed wearing a balaclava decorated with love hearts. These series of works originated in Berlin one month prior to the opening of 'A stitch in time' at Vane and Davies continued these works by visiting North East based Arts Organisations, small businesses and charity shops. (St. Cuthbert's charity shop, Globe Gallery, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Arts Council England)  Individuals remained anonymous but the organisation's are highlighted. Davies choses spaces that have links to her practice in some way.